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Igbo Union Bern Women Wing Switzerland  

About us

Who we are

We are igbo women living in bern .We as members organise to meet 2nd sunday of every month to discuss our welfare, our family and matters related to less privileges and motherless homes

Objectives and Activities

Igbo Bern Women Union purpose is promote the advancement of active citizenship; The Igbo Union women wing will promote this objective through the development and teaching of civic values; the encouragement of voluntary activity and increasing the involvement of individuals in community activity; the promotion of community union, and sense of belonging among ethnic Igbos in Bern and its environs.

Mission Statements

It is our MISSION to conserve the unique Bern city, the region we call home; and to develop sustainable livelihoods through, Heritage development, Arts development, Education and poverty alleviation 

Igbo cultural roots

The Igbos (as they are known) come from the eastern part of Nigeria in the West Coast of Africa and are one of the main Nigerian ethnic groups. They occupy at least six out of the thirty six states in Nigeria today. The Igbo culture is rich and versatile and dates back many centuries.

The Igbo people have a strong belief in an almighty God named Chukwu. It is traditional belief that the Chikwu(Almighty God) has created each individual with a guardian or assistant at birth. The Igbo also believe in forces of nature as spirits, such as the sun, the sky and thunder and lightening. In the Igbo culture, Children are considered the most precious gift of all, and that children are prized more than money.

Igbo culture is most commonly known for their style of music with distinctive instruments. Typical instruments are the Ogene (a hand bell mostly played why women and children), the Igba (a tom-tom that is beat, similar to a bongo), the Ikoro (a very fragile piece of wood that produces two different sounds), and the udu. The udu is well known in Nigeria. It is an air drum played designed with clay mostly by women. It can also be used a a center piece for women’s dance groups.

Mrs Chioma Nnodim

Executive President

Mrs Stella Uzo

Union Secretary 

Mrs Alice Isede


3006 bern switzerland



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We have cabins and powered, unpowered, ensuite, and grassy camping sites.

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