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Igbo Union Bern Women Wing Switzerland  

Who we are

We are igbo women living in bern .We as members organize to meet 2nd Sunday of every month to discuss our welfare, our family and matters related to less privileges and motherless homes  


The organisation's purposes are:   To promote the advancement of active citizenship; The Igbo Union women wing will promote this objective through the development and teaching of civic values; the encouragement of voluntary 

What we do

We support and work with all genuine networks for poverty alleviation amongst disadvantage communities. We also promote the prevention or relieve of poverty in most part  of the world especially in third world countries

Our Mission

Igbo Women union Bern Wing  is a non-profit organization, established in 2000 with the VISION of conserving the Bern city  and uplifting the communities within

  It is our MISSION to conserve the unique Bern city, the region we call home; and to develop sustainable livelihoods through, Heritage development, Arts development, Education and poverty alleviation   

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Food festival  in Wankdorf


IGBO UNION SWITZERLAND - New Yam in Iri Ji Ndi Igbo 2016 in Berne

IGBO UNION SWITZERLAND - New Yam in Iri Ji Ndi Igbo 2016 in Berne


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